Build your own radio, choose your music and make a bucketload of money

  • The first and only online game in which you controll your very own radio station.
  • Radio Tycoon is completely free.
  • Listen real music from your radio.
  • Invite your friends to this game as well, go live on air and have fun with Radio Tycoon!

Play Radio Tycoon:


On Android phone

Carry your Radio Tycoon around, play it wherever you go: in a pub, on the street, at school. Just download the app and start playing!

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On Facebook

From your Facebook straight to your own studio! Just one click and you're in the game.

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Who plays Radio Tycoon

Got an idea for improving the Radio Tycoon game? Something not working for you? Send us your suggestion or brag about your radio to your friends and other Radio Tycoon players on Facebook.

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